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About Us

FinMango is a global non-profit on a mission to create an energetic, optimistic, and empowered planet by providing people access to financial and economic education. We offer in-class and after-school products for people of various age groups around the world. In addition, we conduct workshops and promote financial literacy campaigns. We have taught approximately 4,696 people (3,546 youth locally in Northeast, Ohio and over 1,150 people internationally).




We are quirky, apolitical and laid back; but at the same time hard-working, dependable and result-driven. We believe in education as one of most powerful tools mankind has, and we are strong followers of the concept of teaching an individual to fish. Our goal is to empower, educate, and help eradicate poverty through the use of financial literacy.

FinMango Manifesto (FMM):

Somehow we've come to believe that living a financially healthy life is only for the chosen few, for the ultra-rich and privileged. The truth is, living a financially healthy life can be for us all. This is not about lowering expectations; it's about raising them for every last one of us. Having the ability to live a financially healthy life is not just for the privileged, and it's not determined by where you live. A financially healthy life is wherever somebody is ready to take control of their money!



"I saw some children so happy and motivated to save money at the end of the session. I saw some teachers saying they regret they didn't have such programs when they were students. Then I understood financial education is what our society needs right now."

Jeremies Pimizi - Founder at Fly For Life


"Our students benefit greatly from such insightful experiences...We are proud to have you as a partner with us in the assurance of on-going scholastic experiences that will best prepare our students for a life of goal realization, financial stability, and community contribution." 

Vincenzo Ruggiero - Principal (Berea-Midpark High School)


"Watching children learn and understand how they can use money to meet their responsibilities, save, and donate is something we don’t see often in the financial literacy world. This curriculum can teach people at any age."

Tom Thompson - Executive Director at the JRC

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"The last minute speaker switch turned out to be one of best things that could have happened as there was no shortage of positive comments on [FinMango’s] interactive Budgeting session. We look forward to working with Scott and the rest of FinMango again as we grow Finance Day at UA!"

Shelby Amatangelo - Founder of Finance Day at the University of Akron

Meet the Founder:


Scott Glasgow 

Scott Glasgow (aka Mango Scott) is a Strategic, Social Impact & Finance Leader who applies innovative business and financial experience to anticipate the opportunities that drive extraordinary bottom-lime economic value for his community. He has an otherworldly ambition, resilience, defiance of the status quo, and fierce commitment in solving the financial literacy crisis in our lifetime. 

His inspiration for starting the non-profit came from a course named Financial Management (“FinMan”) during attendance at Kent State University. Understanding that there’s a lot of distress around money and that people tend to tune out when the topic of money comes up. Scott instantly realized the relationship between Financial Management and Mangos. Combining this colorful fruit with financial education is a way to lighten up a serious topic and bring a little fun to money management! “FinMan” + “Mango" = FinMango! 

Scott Glasgow holds a BA in Biology from Malone University and an MA in Financial Economics from Kent State University. He is a proud Eagle Scout that enjoys competitive tennis (former NCAA athlete, 5.0 NTRP Rating), yoga, history, kayaking, traveling, watching reruns of the Suze Orman Show, and always smiling :)


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