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Our Mission:


To create an energetic, optimistic, and empowered planet by providing people access to financial and economic education.


Our Vision

To eliminate financial illiteracy from the planet by educating, inspiring, and financially empowering the planet – one person, one lesson, and one community at a time.

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Our Progress

We're passionate about solving the financial literacy crisis in our lifetime, using 100% of all donations to fund our local projects, and proving where every dollar goes with photos and GPS coordinates. Here's the progress we've made since we started working in 2016.



Thousand Dollars Raised

We believe in transparency and are committed to providing contributors and participants with as much information as we can about our financials. Thus, we provide real-time financials. 



Partners Serving communities

The organizations that we choose to partner with have demonstrated a community-centered approach, excellent reporting and a deep knowledge of educational implementation. 



Hundred Youth Impacted

We have taught more than 3500 people in Northeast, Ohio and have reached over 1000 people internationally in Togo, Uganda, Angola, Kenya, and Nepal. 


Our Programs

In addition to promoting financial literacy awareness with our Money Cycle Challenge; we build, measure, and implement financial education programs. The programs focus on all ages and have been built to be regionally adaptable across the globe. 

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Get Involved

We often get asked, "What's the best way to help?" Our answer is simple: You don't have to fly to Africa or go into schools to make a difference. In fact, the best way you can help is by staying right where you are. We need passionate people to spread awareness about the financial literacy crisis, then raise money to solve it. So roll up your sleeves and use that laptop you're holding. It's your most powerful tool.  Start by following us on twitter, facebook, instagram, and our blog.


Apply for Partnership

Without our partners around the world and their dedicated staff, FinMango’s work would not be possible. 

Volunteer opportunities

We love our mangos! From helping out in schools to redesigning our website, FinMango makes it easy to help.

Make a Donation

Financial education is a gift that keeps on giving. Your charitable contributions are a lifelong gift for others.