Combating Poverty Worldwide


43% of Americans are NOT financially literate.


We created a program that financially educates youth on the topic of passive investing in the United States. We implement the program in schools for FREE in the Cleveland Metro area with the power of amazing volunteers that have years of professional and educational experience. The program curriculum is also available for teachers to use for across the country for FREE.

A small fee is applied for businesses and universities. For schools outside of NE Ohio, we request travel expenses to be covered.

Program Outline:

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Theory Behind Our Methodology

We developed a series of metrics that identify how the program is helping to solve the problem of financial illiteracy in regards to passive investing through education.

Implicit assumptions: (1) There is a financial illiteracy problem among youth, (2) youth—ages 15-24— want to be educated, (3) barriers to this problem are not so substantial to render this impossible.


Measuring Program Inputs: We keep some information on participants’ aptitude. This allows us to not only point out resilience and identify outliers, but also to track what types of participants are most successful in our programs. For “participant evaluations,” we incorporate a participant identities questionnaire, test their knowledge, and have them evaluate the program on appropriateness, engagement, and comprehensiveness. For “trainer evaluations,” we use an open source, streamlined teacher evaluation tool like TNTP and keep track of trainer information.