Combating Poverty Worldwide

Targeted programs that champion the entrepreneurial spirit of youth and women in developing countries. Three steps: (1) education, (2) advisory, and (3) capital.

(1) EDUCATION: Participants get educated on business and finance skills.

(2) ADVISORY: Participants get paired up with local entrepreneurs (mentors). The mentors helps them find a niche and market their products to make money.

(3) CAPITAL: We fund selected business ideas with 0% interest loans or a stake holder position. All money paid back gets recycled into future programs and successful alumni will be invited back as mentors and speakers to mold the future group of leaders.



Empowering lives looks different in each country. Resources, culture, and population all play a part in determining what product is required to serve people well, but there’s a solution to everything.  

We are guided by top advisors and Smart Project Design & Implementation (SPDI) processes: (1) IDENTIFY pressing policy problem, (2) DIAGNOSE underlying causes, (3) DESIGN high-potential and feasible policy solution, (4) IMPLEMENT and monitor proposed solutions on the ground, (5) TEST high potential solutions with rigorous evaluation, and (6) REFINE solutions based on continuous monitoring & feedback

Product Design.

  • We design ‘problem’ focused solutions.

  • All products come with a step-by-step guide for implementation and monitoring.

  • What can we build? Anything! You name it, we can do it!

    • Workshops, courses, seminars, curriculum design, certifications.


  • Virtual or in-person trainings.

  • We deliver effective, engaging, and purposeful training programs for trainers.

  • We give your trainers confidence with the knowledge and resources to be successful.

    • Process guides and tools.

Impact Analysis.

  • We create Impact Analysis and Result reports.

  • The reports are comprehensive and are formatted as a case study.

    • Great for investors, donors, and key stakeholders.

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We provide trainings and design custom programs for ultra transparent grass-root organizations and schools. When we provide pro bono services, we require partners to implement programs for free and to report back with photos, videos, and GPS coordinates.  

We focus on creating a positive impact on the global society. As a result, pro bono programs focus on schools and underprivileged youth/women.