Combating Poverty Worldwide


We design life-changing solutions for youth and women.

Our Culture.

We believe in education as one of the most powerful tools mankind has, and we are strong followers of the concept of teaching an individual to fish. Learn more:

How FinMango Works.

Internally, we approach every project with Smart Policy Design and Implementation (SPDI) methodology. SPDI has six steps: (1) IDENTIFICATION: we identify the problem(s) facing the community, (2) DIAGNOSIS: we create a diagnosis tree to find the root cause(s), (3) DESIGN: we design a program based on the root cause, NOT what we think is the solution, (4) IMPLEMENT: we utilize our key partners to implement the programs, (5) MONITOR: we continuously monitor and collect data on our program, and (5) REFINE: we use the monitoring to identify what works and what doesn’t work… so we can continuously improve.

Case Studies.