Organizational Overview.

FinMango is a global non-profit focusing on programs related to financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Financial Literacy

We provide limited pro bono training (via video chat) and resources for well organized and ultra transparent grass-root organizations working primarily in underprivileged areas. In return for the the pro bono services, we require partners to implement programs for free and to report back with photos, videos, and GPS coordinates.

We pair each organization with a project manager, who is in charge of the delivery and reporting of lessons implemented. Each project manager is paired with a mentor who has experience. They then report to the Marketing Team, where it’s refined and posted on social media. We have three financial literacy programs: (1) FinKids (GLOBAL), (2) FinPower (GLOBAL), and (3) FinVest (USA and India).

We recently launched our first branch in India & plan to launch in Ghana soon.


We’re launching our first entrepreneurship program, the Fincubator!

The full program runs for one year. The year is broken up into education, application, implementation and review. Learn more and stay updated at