Organizational Overview:

FinMango is a global non-profit on a mission to improve the livelihood of low to moderate income people through financial literacy and the promotion of good. We conduct workshops, promote financial literacy campaigns, and build innovative programs that promote the concept of teaching people how to fish.

  • Promote Financial Education
  • Promote Educators, Volunteers, & Organizations 
  • Build innovative resources & products:
    • Technology, Music/Art, Videos, Social Media

In 2017, FinMango was invited by the 2017 Financial Innovation Award Winner, Prakash Koirala, to have dinner at Harvard University.

In 2018, FinMango was invited to the CFSI/JPMorgan Chase Financial Solutions Lab in San Francisco, California. The invite-only event allowed us to connect with FinTech leaders and has acted as a catalyst for the FinMango organization, giving us a new drive and direction for the future as we continue to grow globally. 

Founded in 2016, FinMango has already served approximately 3,546 people in the Akron/Canton and Cleveland metro areas. The organization currently has 19 volunteers and 5 board members. With the assistance of the volunteers, FinMango has spent approximately 530 hours with in-class instruction and have logged over 1200 volunteer hours in schools. Internationally, we have reached 1,260 people with the help of field partners.