2 in 3 people worldwide lack financial literacy. We're on a mission to change that. Here's how.


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From the rural villages of Togo to the suburbs across Northeast Ohio... Schools around the world [Developing & Developed] lack financial education programs. And although experts unanimously concur that there is a need, financial literacy has received little to no focus in our education curriculums. 

This is why FinMango is passionate about solving the Financial Literacy crisis of our lifetime! We plan, organize, and implement innovative financial solutions to effectivey teaching financial literacy.

  • Inspire Change
    • Provide information highlighting the financial literacy challenge, raise awareness for it, and motivate others to take action. 
  • Eradicate Poverty
    • Provide financial tools and training to empower entrepreneurs to build businesses, support their families and transform their communities. 
  • Build Community
    • Connect people with others who share the same vision for change and help create networks to put plans into motion that can be implemented. 
  • Facilitate Action
    • Offer tools for visitors to make commitments to act and track their progress and results with 100% transparency. 
  • Strengthen Engagement 
    • Encourage citizen action throughout the world.
  • Empowerment
    • To illustrate the power of financial literacy and education in empowering lives throughout the world!

Our Mission

FinMango is on a mission to empower lives and alleviate poverty with innovative financial solutions.

We use the sustainability, beauty, and popularity of mangos as a symbol of our exciting non-traditional and positive methods of teaching financial education. 

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When you donate, every dollar goes directly to financial education programs. We fund our operating costs, so 100% of your money can go to the funds.