FinMango is on a mission to empower & educate lives with innovative financial solutions.

We use the sustainability, beauty, and popularity of mangos as a symbol of our exciting, non-traditional, and positive methods in teaching financial education and creating financial inclusion

Established in North Canton, Ohio, in 2016, FinMango is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is on a mission to empower and educate lives with innovative financial solutions. Through the use of innovative techniques and technology, we focus on building financial skills, business skills, and entrepreneurial skills to help empower the next generation. It is our belief that through teaching these skills, we are teaching an individual to fish. The basic foundations of finance, business and entrepreneurship are the tools we use to solve the problem of poverty we see in the world.

During our first year we have already developed successful international partnerships with Fly For Life, in the Republic of Togo; the Mitooma Women's Dignity Foundation, in the Republic of Uganda; the Hope Foundation for African Women, in Kenya. Additionally, we have exclusively partnered Prakash Koirala, the 2017 Financial innovation Award Winner by the London Institute of banking and Finance, from FinLit Nepal. FinLit Nepal and FinMango's solution to mitigate the 67% of the world that suffers from financial illiteracy is by empowering them through innovative and creative financial literacy education, materials, and support; combined we have already reached nearly 150,000 people. In our local area, we have partnered with the JRC Learning Center, Canton City Schools, The University of Akron, Walsh University, and 10+ Cleveland area high schools. FinMango will reach 250+ elementary school students, 250+ middle school students, and 5,000+ high school students by the end of the 2017-2018 academic year. 

We believe that teaching our children how to handle money carefully, is one of the most important life skills we can give to them. Although experts unanimously concur that there is a need for financial literacy, it has received little to no attention in our educational curriculum and according to statistics, the majority of the population (adults and children) are not financially literate in the world. The Standard & Poor's Global Financial Literacy Survey found that only 33% of the world is financially literate. This implies that 67% of the world is financially illiterate! This is a huge problem because lack of financial education acts as a barrier to inclusion. When people lack knowledge of finance and financial products, they are less able to access banking and financial services, and are put at a disadvantage. However these barriers can easily be broken down when we provide our children with resources to do so: by teaching them the basics of money, financing, business, and entrepreneurship.

Why mango? Our organization is built on our values of sustainability, fun, simplicity, and creativity. We begin with custom made interactive activities and lesson plans to ensure we are listening, building, and adapting the curriculum to fit the needs of our partners. While teaching students we showcase our fun and simple approach to education that focuses on the basics such as the relationship between time and money. Focusing on building foundational financial skills is paramount to establishing long-term financial well-being.

Teaching our society to be financially savvy is a gift – one that will keep on giving throughout their lives. Let’s make a difference together and empower the next generation!

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2018 Business Plan

Our students benefit greatly from such real-world, insightful, and applicable experiences.
— Vincenzo Ruggiero | Principal at Berea-Midpark High School
Watching children learn and understand how they can use money to meet their responsibilities, save, and donate is something we don’t see often in the financial literacy world. This curriculum can teach people at any age.
— Tom Thompson | Executive Director at the JRC
I saw some children so happy and motivated to save money at the end of the session. I saw some teachers saying they regret they didn’t have such programs when they were students. Then I understood financial education is what our society needs right now.
— Jeremies Pimizi | Executive Director at Fly For Life (Republic of Togo)
The last minute speaker switch turned out to be one of best things that could have happened as there was no shortage of positive comments on [FinMango’s] interactive Budgeting session. We look forward to working with Scott and the rest of FinMango again as we grow Finance Day at UA!
— Shelby Amatangelo | Founder of Finance Day at the University of Akron