FinMango is proud to work with Kingdom Builders Ministry. Kingdom Builders Ministry is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to building relationships and changing lives in the Kingdom of God through the Ministerios Transformacion church group within the many neighborhoods of Tijuana, Baja, California.

Left : Pastor Daniel, Soham Patel.  Right : Donald Glasgow (no relation), Scott Glasgow, Pastor Tury. 

Left: Pastor Daniel, Soham Patel. Right: Donald Glasgow (no relation), Scott Glasgow, Pastor Tury. 

FinMango's Soham Patel and Scott Glasgow visited Tijuana, Mexico on Saturday (Dec. 17th, 2016) for two primary reasons:

  1. To gain firsthand knowledge and experience of Kingdom Builders Ministry.
  2. To discuss how FinMango can help their cause and provide what they need in regards to financial education and microfinance opportunities. 

The day was fantastic and included visits to the Ministerios Transformacion Central Church at El Nino, their Hospice for the disabled/homeless, and their orphanage for the boys. Overall, we're looking forward to staying in contact and visiting Tijuana again soon. Our goal is to build, measure and develop empowering programs that will help further empower the the people of Tijuana.