Akron, Ohio

While it is fairly easy to find professionals willing to devote their time to teaching youth, it is difficult to find professionals who are good at teaching youth. In our search for speakers to teach at Finance Day at the University of Akron (UA), my team and I looked for three things: passion for financial literacy, excitement, and the ability to communicate well with varying levels of knowledge. One month before Finance Day at UA was scheduled, one of the speakers backed out. After reaching out to multiple people for speaker recommendations, Scott Glasgow - Founder of FinMango, was recommended to us. I immediately scheduled a meeting with Scott to find out that he not only encompassed our three speaker criteria, but he runs a nonprofit that encompasses the same standards. Inviting him to teach a session and join our panel was a no-brainer. The last minute speaker switch turned out to be one of best things that could have happened as there was no shortage of positive comments on Scott’s interactive Budgeting session. We look forward to working with Scott and the rest of FinMango again as we grow Finance Day at UA!

Togo (Togolese Republic)

      Jeremies Pimizi (Founder, Fly For Life)

      Jeremies Pimizi (Founder, Fly For Life)

The partnership with FinMango is what gave us more motivation to believe in our ability to bring hope and development in communities. That is why earlier this year we have decided with the agreement of FinMango to add financial education among our programs. We recently implemented successfully financial education programs in two schools. We didn't expect a so big feedback. It was really amazing to see how not only the students but also the teachers were really involved in the success of the program. I saw some children so happy and motivated to save money at the end of the session. I saw some teachers saying they regret they didn't have such programs when they were students. Then I understood financial education is what our society needs right now. And that is why we are so proud to partner with FinMango.

I think FinMango can actually be called the hope of the world. The values FinMango shares and that I love are hard-work, saving, investment and sharing. We are also starting soon the women empowerment program with still the support of FinMango. Our project with farmers is at step 3 with the collecting of booklets FinMango made for them. In the upcoming days we will see the next step. We plan to start when possible more trainings to schools and communities and also start a mega financial education program in a place in Lomé for adults. I strongly believe all the people need financial education. There is something which I am sure of: Our financial education program is going to rock here in Togo. And I also believe this is what will help rural communities development.