Scott Glasgow

Scott’s journey began as a 16-year-old in the mist of the 2008 financial crisis. Ever since, he has specialized on the intersection of economic development in relation to poverty, sustainable development, and social good. See more of Scott’s story here.



Stephen Nzishura

Stephen’s journey sustainable development began as a junior in undergrad while taking and doing mental health rotations at Malone university. He currently lives overseas serving in Asia and Africa and has a great passion for the rich cultures found in these regions. See more of Stephen’s story here.

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Peyton Zachrich

Peyton is a graduate from the University of Akron. He enjoys traveling (36 countries so far!), playing basketball, and working out. He speaks French and is working to become fluent in Spanish as well. Peyton joined FinMango in 2018 is currently spearheading programs in Ecuador. See more of his story here.


Gemma Bosch Martinez

Gemma is from Barcelona, Spain, and speaks fluent English, Spanish and Catalan. She has done a lot of volunteer work, and helping and empowering people is what fulfills her most, as well as being surrounded by her family and friends. See more of Gemma’s story here.

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Harish Sharma

Harish Sharma [Executive Director of FinMango India] is a Biomedical Engineer by qualification and works as a sell side analyst for a brokerage firm in India. His passion for finance and teaching has led him to take up the FinMango cause in India. See more of Harish’s story here.

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Fern Morrison

Fern is a Chemical Engineering senior at Bucknell University. In 2017, she interned for a solar start up in the Netherlands and has most recently worked as a summer investment banking analyst in New York City. Fern joined FinMango in 2018 and currently leads the incubator program. See more of Fern’s story here.


Jon Li

Jon is a senior hailing from Canton, Ohio studying Computer Science Engineering and Management at Bucknell University. Jon joined FinMango in 2016 and works on spearheading new ventures. See more of Jon’s Story here.

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Soham Patel

Soham is a senior studying Finance and Economics at Bucknell University. He is incredibly passionate about financial services and brainstorming solutions to eradicating poverty. Soham joined FinMango in 2016 and leads growth opportunities. See more of Soham’s story here.


Hector Garcia

Hector Is from Venezuela and speaks fluent Spanish, English, and basic Portuguese and Arabic. Being from another country has helped him to understand, respect, and live other cultures and lifestyles. Hector joined FinMango in 2018 and currently co-leads and mentors programs in Mexico. See more of Hector’s story here.

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Aditya Maitra

Aditya is studying Business Economics and Finance at the Ohio State University. Aditya joined FinMango in 2017 and currently leads co-branding and marketing sponsorship opportunities. See more of Aditya’s story here.


Jocy Ramirez

Jocy is a student at Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. She enjoys meeting new people and finding ways to help them in creating an uplifting experience! Jocy joined FinMango in 2018 and currently co-leads programs in Mexico. See more of her story here.

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