Mangos of FinMango! ūüėé


Building a great organization depends on great people.





Scott holds a BA in Biology from Malone University and a MA in Financial Economics from Kent State University. He specializes on the intersection of financial markets in relation to extreme poverty & sustainable development. Outside of work, Scott enjoys Tennis, Basketball, Kayaking, Traveling, Dreaming, and always Smiling :) 




(Mango, International Operations)

Steffan is native of Saint Lucia (a Caribbean island) and holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting/Business Administration. He values the idea of multiculturalism in the business environment and how finances benefit individuals and societies around the globe. When not in the office, Steffan can be found running, playing with dogs, and teaching or playing competitive tennis.




(Mango, Operations & Social Media) 

Jonathan Li is a junior studying Computer Science Engineering and Management at Bucknell University. He loves the thrill of adventure, spontaneity, and the great outdoors. Passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, he‚Äôs extremely excited to work with such an invigorating organization.                          



Soham Patel

(Mango, Strategy & Analysis)

Soham is a junior studying Finance and Economics at Bucknell University. He is incredibly passionate about financial services and brainstorming solutions to eradicating poverty. He is always eager to take on new challenges and give back to the community.




Maci Woyat

(Mango, Empowerment Projects)

Maci is a junior studying Economics and Corporate Finance at the University of Akron. Her passion for her local and global community comes from her belief that anyone can be empowered to achieve great things when they are given the right opportunities and tools to do so. Her goal is to be a catalyst for others’ success stories.