Mangos of FinMango! πŸ˜Ž

Building a great organization depends on great people.


Scott Glasgow

[Founder, Executive Mango] Scott holds a BA in Biology and an MA in Financial Economics. He is a proud Eagle Scout and enjoys Tennis, Yoga, History, Kayaking, Traveling, Dreaming, and always Smiling :)

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Steffan Dwarkasingh

[Mango, Operations] Steffan is native of Saint Lucia and holds a BA in Accounting/Business Administration. When not in the office, Steffan can be found playing tennis.

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Maci WOyat

[Mango, Compliance & Projects] Maci is a junior studying Economics and Corporate Finance at the University of Akron. Her goal is to be a catalyst for others’ success stories.

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Soham Patel

[Mango, Strategy & Analysis] Soham Patel is a junior studying Finance and Economics at Bucknell University. He is always eager to take on new challenges and give back to the community.

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Jonathan Li

[Mango, Special Projects] Jonathan Li is a junior studying Computer Science Engineering and Management at Bucknell University. He loves the thrill of adventure, spontaneity, and the great outdoors.

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Hector Garcia

[Mango, International Team] Hector Is from Venezuela and speaks fluent Spanish, English, and basic Portuguese and Arabic. He loves to watch and play sports and enjoys to travel and meet new people.

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Peyton Zachrich

[Mango, International Team] Peyton is a junior studying finance at the University of Akron. He enjoys traveling (36 countries so far!) and playing basketball, speaks fluent French and basic Spanish, and loves to align his passions and skills to give back to others. 

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Aditya Maitra

[Mango, International Team] Aditya is currently a Freshman studying Business Economics and Business Finance at the Ohio State University. Aditya enjoys playing Basketball, Golfing, and practicing Tae Kwon Do.

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TJ Harrod

[Mango, Local Projects & Outreach] TJ is a Freshman at Walsh University. He has a passion to give back to his community and does a lot of volunteer work through the Special Olympics and other organizations. Additionally, he plays soccer as a NCAA athlete for Walsh. 

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Other Mangos 

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Rich Hoag

[Mango, Educator]

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Jeff Jensen

[Mango, Technology]

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Jenny Wang

[Mango, Partneships]

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Lisette Min


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Brandyn Neal

[Mango, Curriculum]

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