At the heart of FinMango, you will find a selfless, dedicated seed. Our organization was launched by a team of passionate seeds and that spirit continues today. FinMango selectively picks the best local seeds.



Taylor Fair

Taylor is a senior attending Carrollton High School. She plans on attending college and playing tennis for her university as well. Her interests include tennis, traveling, cooking, and being surrounded by her family and friends. Learning about other cultures and lifestyles during travel, she is excited to be a part of such an amazing organization! 



Jeff Shafer

Jeff is 17 years old going into his senior year at Jackson High School in Canton, Ohio. He plans on attending college at Florida Gulf Coast University to study Marketing, Communication, and political science. His interests include marketing, networking, outreach, basketball, and music. He is thrilled to be working with FinMango and can't wait to share his passion with others to make an impact. 



Aditya Maitra

Aditya is currently a Freshman studying Business Economics and Business Finance at the Ohio State University. He has always been optimistic about the future and feels that his life will be filled with promising opportunities. Aditya enjoys playing Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Golfing, practicing Tae Kwon Do, and going on long cruises. Aditya is very excited to be joining FinMango as he feels it will open new opportunities and add rather promising experiences and memories that will stick with him forever.