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Scott Glasgow

Founder, Executive Mango

For me traveling is a life highlight and a learning opportunity; by seeing how others live I gain better insight into my own life.  My travels to the slums of Mexico in particular, remind me of the abundance of privilege I have living in the United States. Mexico is a country of immense beauty - surf, sun, sand, cities and nature is plentiful and the people are open and kind - but there is also undeniable poverty in many parts, as it is with many countries. This sparked my interest in taking action. 

Educators teach and motivate our youth to become the innovators of tomorrow. Administrators draft and improve the policies needed for a successful organization. And professional tennis players commit themselves to extensive study, practice, and analysis to master the skills needed for their profession. As a financially minded, internationally focused leader, I saw myself incorporating all three components to improving the quality of human life.

Professionally, I have specialized on the intersection of financial wellness in relation to sustainable development and social good. This led to the creation of FinMango. The FinMango name originates from combining the traditional topic of financial management with the mango fruit, representing one of our core values in making the topic of financial literacy more approachable to a wide audience.

Personally, I find education to be one our most critical tools to date as a society combating problems. At FinMango, we continuously design, engineer, and craft tools to perfection, we are confident we are setting a new precedence. There have always been problems; so it makes sense to help promote simple, seamless solutions to these problems. FinMango provides these solutions to the lives of everyday people across the world and the ride has been a humbling experience! 

Academically, I hold a BA in Biology from Malone University and an MA in Financial Economics from Kent State University. I am a proud Eagle Scout and enjoy Tennis, Yoga, History, Kayaking, Traveling, Dreaming, and always Smiling :)

Contact: sglasgow@finmango.org

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sglasgow