Enlightenment Program

[GLOBAL: ages 6 - 12] The Enlightenment Program focuses on the money cycle mantra: make it, save it, invest it, spend it (wisely), and donate it. Each “stage” offers a detailed approach to the different parts of the money cycle and how it can be applied to their daily lives.

Empowerment Program

[GLOBAL: ages 13+] The Empowerment Program is intended for women. The goal of the program is to empower. Women learn to set goals for what they want to save for and how much they want to save. They also learn how to keep track of how much they're putting away, and how to make and watch their money grow.

How To Become A Millionaire Program

[United States: ages 15+] The Bob Gillingham created program teaches people how to search and analyze funds based on risks, returns, fees, and reviews. Not only does the program empower people with the knowledge of how to invest, but it also provides an essential life skill set, the ability to conduct their own research and to understand their investments. 

Money Cycle Challenge

[GLOBAL: ages 6+] Teaching youth the basics of money provides a framework for how they can approach life as they grow. And although experts unanimously concur that there is a need, financial literacy has received little to no attention in our educational curriculums. The Money Cycle Challenge is a financial literacy awareness campaign that aims to change that!