International Programs   (Ages 8+)

Our international curriculum is regional-focused and adaptable. We work hard to ensure it fits the need of our partners culturally, while maintaining its fun and simple approach to education.

Investing Program (Ages 14+)

In our Passive Investing Program, we depict to students the basics of financial literacy and how a little knowledge about the relationship between time and money is paramount in establishing long-term personal finance soundness. The classes are typically a break in the routine for high school students, and who doesn’t care about money?  We leverage those engagement advantages to reach a wide range of students.

Elementary & Middle School Education Programs

According to UNICEF, early childhood development has a profound impact on a child's future. When given the right environment, children can develop the skills needed to embrace opportunity and bounce back from adversity. FinMango agrees. We focus on providing a positive environment while teaching. Our symbol of the mango is a perfect example. We want students to learn to take what they have and grow it into something beautiful and sustainable, just like growing a mango tree! 

At the end of our children's program, students will at least learn: What money is, The difference between wants and needs, The importance of making and saving money, The basics of investments and its compounding effect, Spending responsibly and watchfully, And that being generous with our money (that we save and grow) helps us connect to the people around us and let them know we care.

Why Financial Education is needed

The Standard & Poor's Global Financial Literacy Survey found:

100 People Reached.png
  • Over 60% of the world is financially illiterate
  • On average women are among the lowest demographics with financial literacy
  • Youth are one of the most vulnerable groups making them an important target for financial education programs

Lack of financial education acts as a barrier to inclusion. When people lack knowledge of finance and financial products, they are less likely able to access banking and financial services, and are put at a disadvantage.

This is why FinMango was created. We wanted to build programs that were innovative, fun, and accessible to everyone. If we can give people the tools to understand the world around them, they can take advantage of the goods and services around them to build their own future!