A targeted program that champions the entrepreneurial spirit of youth in Uganda.



Custom created programs for grass-root organizations. Click on a flag to access.


A financial literacy awareness program that focuses on our money cycle mantra.



Interested in expanding your innovative programs? Crowdsource with us! We culturally adapt and translate resources to be used among our partners in 13 different countries!

FinVest (USA)

A targeted program that champions the investment spirit of youth in Ohio. Students learn how to analyze funds based on risks, returns, fees, and reviews.


FinVest (India)

FinVest India touches base with various aspects of Finance. It focuses on the need for financial literacy, how investments/fixed deposits works, and how to build a proper equity account. There’s various activities within the event with a Q&A round to answer any questions participants may have.


Learn to set goals for what they want to save for and how much they want to save. They also learn how to keep track of how much they're putting away, and how to make and watch their money grow.