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FinMango’s pricing is simple: What you pay is based on what you need.



FinMango is an excellent program, by which student of any age can learn how to management money.
The program communicates that it is never too early to teach children the benefits of saving and spending
wisely. The children are our futures teach them well, this program teaching children the concept of being
successful leaders. All in all I think FinMango has a very bright future. I give FinMango my highest
— Rose Davidson (Site Coordinator - Canton City Schools)
Make it, Save it, Plant it, Spend it, Donate it! Those 5 simple phrases have taught the children at the JRC about the principles of financial literacy.

The programs were eye opening and make a difference in the manner children perceive money. Watching children learn and understand how they can use money to meet their responsibilities, save, and donate is something we don’t see often in the world. This curriculum can teach people at any age.

I would like to see the FinMango curriculum taught in so many places in our community. If children could see the importance of using money wisely, many will be in a much better financial situation as they become adults. The teaching strategies of FinMango will assist children as they become adults.
— Tom Thompson (Executive Director - JRC)
As principal of Berea-Midpark High School, I graciously extend our sincere appreciation for the generous donation of time and effort that you will hopefully continue to dedicate towards the teaching and learning of Financial Literacy (investing) in our Family & Consumer Sciences and Economics classes.

Our students benefit greatly from such real world, insightful, and applicable experiences. It is true that the success of any public institution, especially schools, is critically dependent on the support extended by the community, local resources, and dedicated individuals such as you. We are proud to have you as a partner with us in the assurance of on-going scholastic experiences that will best prepare our students for a life of goal realization, financial stability, and community contribution.
— Vincenzo Ruggiero (Former Principal - Berea-Midpark High)

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