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generous private donors help us fund all of our operating expenses


We work closely with our Brand Partners to develop mutually-beneficial fundraising campaigns, co-branded merchandise, media, and experiences that have an incredible impact on the world.

Mango Jon Li and Gram’s owner, Jesse, showing off the new hot sauce

Mango Jon Li and Gram’s owner, Jesse, showing off the new hot sauce

We arm our co-branding partners with customizable creative assets, so their marketing can help grow their brand and spread the FinMango story and bring empowerment to lives in need.

FinMango Hot Sauce

We created a fresh, gourmet, all-natural mango habanero hot sauce in collaboration with Gram’s Eatery in Lewisburg, PA.

Read about it: “A Spicy Nonprofit Story: Creating a Hot Sauce

FinMango x Venture Leather!

We collaborated with Venture Leather to release a line of exclusive co-branded leather accessories. Our first product is a cardholder wallet and invests 100% of the profit back into businesses in Uganda. We both cover our costs and invest everything that is left over back into either local businesses in Jinja, Uganda or through our “fincubator” program in Kampala, Uganda.

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The purpose Small Business Co-Branding Partnership Initiative is to develop synergistic relationships with small businesses such as retailers and restaurants to empower the lives of all the constituents. Our aim is to create a mutually beneficial product that increases awareness for FinMango as well as showcasing small businesses - the backbone of America. Apply for a business partnership:

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