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Our Partners.

We partner with organizations that have demonstrated a community-centered approach, excellent reporting and a deep knowledge of educational implementation.


Meet a Few of Our Partners.

Our partners are local experts and professionals with years of exceptional work and proven progress. They are our eyes, ears and calloused hands on the ground.

Why work with local partners?

We know that supporting in local expertise is the best way to create long-term impact. Our partners have the experience and local knowledge to deliver the best programs. They lead the way by implementing their programs in communities every day.

What is Our relationship with partners?

Without our partners, FinMango’s work would not be possible. Domestically, we work closely to organize training, volunteers, and scheduling. Internationally, we communicate regularly to track progress and to report back to our supporters.

How do We choose partners?

We make sure that our partners have top-notch experience and expertise. Our teams spend weeks at a time evaluating prospective partners to make sure they have the skills and resources needed to deliver quality programs.

What does FinMango expect from partners?

Our partners share our vision and are dedicated to providing empowering programs to communities in need. We expect our partners to work closely with local communities, leaders, governments, and organizations to accomplish lasting change.

Want to Become a Partner?

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, please contact us today:

Impact   Partnership


Impact Sponsors.

Interested in getting your brand involved?

We work closely with our Brand Partners to develop mutually-beneficial fundraising campaigns, co-branded merchandise, media, and experiences that have an incredible impact on the world. We arm our Corporate Sponsors and Brand Partners with customizable creative assets, so their marketing can help spread the FinMango story and bring empowerment to people in need. Here are a handful of ways your brand can partner with FinMango. 


Want to learn more?

If you’re interested in getting your brand involved, please contact: