Combating Poverty Worldwide

Our Methodology


We are guided by Smart Policy Design & Implementation (SPDI) methodology:

IDENTIFY pressing problems

DIAGNOSE underlying causes

DESIGN high-potential and feasible solutions

IMPLEMENT and monitor proposed solutions on the ground

TEST high potential solutions with rigorous evaluation

REFINE solutions based on continuous monitoring & feedback

Theory of our Methodology - Incubators

by Sam Buck | Incubator Data Scientist

FinMango incubators aim to develop a series of metrics that identify how the program is helping to solve the problem of youth unemployment in developing countries through entrepreneurship, and asks what explains successes among participants.

Implicit assumptions:

  • There is a youth unemployment problem 

  • Youth want to be entrepreneurial

  • Barriers to youth entrepreneurship are not so substantial to render this impossible

Sample from “Fincubator” program in Uganda

Sample from “Fincubator” program in Uganda

Measuring Program Inputs:

Incubators will keep some information on program participants’ aptitude and positionally. This allows us to not only point out resilience and identify outliers, but also to track what types of students are most successful in our programs.