Why Financial Education is Needed


  • Over 60% of the world is financially illiterate
  • On average, women are among the lowest demographics with financial literacy
  • The young is one of the most vulnerable groups and an important target for financial education programs.

The lack of financial education acts as a barrier to inclusion. When people lack knowledge of finance and financial products, they are less likely able to access banking and financial services and are put at a disadvantage.

According to UNICEF, early childhood development has a profound impact on a child's future. When given the right environment, children can develop the skills needed to embrace the opportunity and bounce back from adversity. FinMango agrees. We focus on providing a positive environment while teaching. Our symbol of the mango is a perfect example. We want students to learn or to take what they have and grow it into something beautiful and sustainable, just like growing a mango tree!

      Scott Glasgow