FinMango in San Francisco

This past week FinMango was invited to San Francisco to congratulate the third cohort of the Center For Financial Services Innovation’s FinLab. The team was able to meet the creators of FinTech aimed to revolutionize the way people interact with their finances and experience new creative solutions to everyday financial issues.

“The Financial Solutions Lab is managed by the Center for Financial Services Innovation with founding partner JPMorgan Chase & Co. The Financial Solutions Lab is a program that seeks to identify, test and brings to scale promising innovations that help Americans increase savings, improve credit, and build assets.” -

Eight companies went through a program that helped to connect and grow their product with consumers and industry leaders. This year the mission was to target at-risk populations--or people who suffer from exclusion because of their financial situations. This issue has been the cornerstone to the mission of FinMango, and we could not have been more excited to hear from these eight companies on how they approached the issue of financial exclusion. Companies included:

  • Token Transit, a company aimed to fight financial exclusion through an easily accessible bus pass purchasing application from their prepaid, debit, or credit card;
  • Nova, a company that acknowledges the obstacles of immigrants building credit in the U.S. by helping share their credit history in their past country to help establish credit history;
  •, a company that is on a mission to save you from paying overdraft fees by helping you to monitor your expenses as they come and allowing you to borrow from your next paycheck to avoid overdraft fees;
  • Grove, a company that makes comprehensive financial advisors easy to reach through technology;
  • EverSafe, a company on a mission to stop theft or financial abuse for aging Americans by creating an alert system that ends exploiters before it goes too far;
  • Tomorrow, a company hoping to make creating a will and trust as easy as possible to save Americans from unfortunate situations through a simple mobile app;
  • Point, a company that allows Americans to use the wealth in their home without taking on new debt;
  • Blueprint Income, that takes the idea of income annuity and makes it easy for anyone of any age to look forward to their retirement.

We heard from speakers and discussed with leaders that frontier the industries of FinTech to learn more about their stories, financial issues, creative solutions, and how we can integrate these solutions to the world around us.

The event acted as a catalyst for the Finmango organization, giving us a new drive and direction for the future,” commented Mango Jonathan Li. We are ecstatic to bring back fresh perspectives and all that we have learned in San Francisco to push Finmango’s mission further!

Maci Woyat