Introducing the FinMango MONEY LOOP!


Before entering the money loop, we emphasize the importance of earning money. Without making it, you can’t save, plant, spend or donate it. 


There are times when we’ll run out of money when we need it most. Other times, we’ll want something expensive that we just don’t have enough for. That’s why it’s important to teach our kids to set aside money that they don’t spend right away.  


After saving your money, it's important to MANAGE & GROW your money! We teach the kids to set goals for what they want to save for and how much they want to save. Keep track of how much they’re putting away, and watch their money grow. With patience and willpower, kids are surprised by how much money they can put away. And when they do, they feel good knowing that they’ll always have some for when they really need it.


Books, toys, games, ice cream? It’s easy to spend. So we make sure the kids understand the importance to keep track of how much they spend and how much they have left. We can’t buy everything, so we teach them to spend their money wisely and on things that they really want and need. 


There are so many fun things for us to spend our money on that we might want to use it all on ourselves. But one of the greatest ways to spend our money is to share it with others. Whether it’s a gift for mom or giving to people that need help, we make sure the kids know that they can use their money to bring happiness and comfort to others. Just like sharing a toy or food with a friend, being generous with our money helps us connect to the people around us and let them know we care. 

Scott Glasgow