Update from Togo! #FinMango

Update from our partner in Togo! The surveying trip was great and officially launched the first step in our Women's & Farmer's Empowerment Programs in the rural village of Havu.

An interesting story from Jeremies (Executive Director of Fly For Life):

"We had to stop 2 hours at least when we were 50 km from Havu. Our car broke. Our transmission (not sure it's name in English) broke down. We were lucky because today is Sunday and it's difficult to get a repairer as they don't work. But 2 years ago with some volunteers Fly for Life project brought some used sport equipments to the school of the village in which we are actually called Amouspukpe. Many people recognized me. i was amazed by the great solidarity show by the people. They went away 20 km to bring the repairer. We got it fixed and we are on road again

That is why I love this volunteer job. It's always important not to give up no matter the situation that occur. I can't wait to see smiles on people s face in Havu as they are waiting for us. "

Scott Glasgow