FinMango Taught at the UA Finance Day!


FinMango taught and spoke at the University of Akron Finance Day!

The Financial Literacy Summit on May 3rd hosted over 200 North High School students and included financial professionals from Huntington Bank, SS&G Wealth Management, The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Tri-C, Bob Gillingham Ford and FinMango to teach sessions on budgeting, investing and financial decision making. FinMango also served on the panel. 

A message from our founder regarding the event:

I want to personally congratulate the founders of the University of Akron Finance Day on successfully planning, organizing, and implementing such a FANTASTIC event! 

Your abilities to organize and implement such an event is truly extraordinary and FinMango is honored to have had the opportunity to be part of something so special and value adding. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again... events like these don't just create value, they create compounding value! The teaching of our kids to be financially savvy truly is a gift... a gift that'll keep on paying dividends throughout their lives!

THANK YOU Shelby, MarySarah and Thomas on the Mission, Vision & Execution of the University of Akron Finance Day!

In regards,

Scott M. Glasgow




Scott Glasgow