A Message From The Founder


Dear Friends,

Here at FinMango, we’re passionate about solving the financial literacy crisis of our lifetime. We know that financial literate individuals save, invest, spend, plan, and donate. They develop a better well-being and become more resilient to financial challenges. Accordingly, we wholeheartedly believe that teaching our people to be financially savvy is a gift – one that will keep on giving throughout their lives. 

After officially launching in November of 2016, I am pleased to share that we have had an extraordinary quarter of growth, accomplishments, memorable events, and life changing experiences. And our focus on fun, dynamic, and innovative educational programs have been a huge success.

To date, we have established financial education programs/operations in Canton, Ohio, Lomé, Togo, and Tijuana, Mexico. Our partners have experience, expertise, motivation, and local knowledge to deliver the best financial education programs possible … one community at a time. Future operations in the works include Brazil, Madagascar, and various organizations in the Northeast Ohio region. 

Overall, It has been a humbling experience and honor to lead this groundbreaking organization into the future. Your dedication and financial support have enabled us to achieve the goals we didn’t think were possible! Thank you! 

Scott M. Glasgow

Scott Glasgow