Why I Mango - Maci Woyat

Being Mango is standing up for equality and fairness, by empowering the people around you to take their life into their own hands with financial tools and knowledge to fund their dreams.
— Maci Woyat

My name is Maci Woyat! As a current university student, not only am I passionate about my work inside the classroom, but I am passionate about what I can do with that knowledge I have learned to educate the world around me. My love for Finance and Economics comes from my day to day interactions I had where money was constantly flowing around me. I found myself intrigued with how money’s movement influenced decisions and society. This lead me to follow a path towards gaining my bachelors degrees in those subjects.

 However, I always felt that studying inside the classroom could only get you so close to the subject. That it was almost like going to a museum and pressing your face up against the glass to study the artifact in front of you. But, to truly understand and make a difference in the world, you have to be engaged with what you are studying. So I became a Mango to learn more about economics and finance and their impacts in my community. What I learned from my work at FinMango was beyond just applying the knowledge I have been studying. I learned about what it means to make a difference in the world around me and what being a Mango truly means.


Being a Mango is acting as an advocate for financial literacy. Being a Mango is sharing the knowledge and opportunity you have been granted with the world around you. Being Mango is standing up for equality and fairness, by empowering the people around you to take their life into their own hands with financial tools and knowledge to fund their dreams. Being a Mango is doing all of this while being innovative, creative, and having fun.

I am a Mango because I want to be a catalyst for others’ success stories. I have had the opportunity to learn about the financial literacy movement from my local community, all the way to Nepal or Togo (to name a few). When I hear the stories from our partners and past students of the programs, I hear proof that our work makes a difference. Being a Mango is one of the most privileged positions I have been granted, and is a constant motivation to learn more and work harder to help improve the lives of others.


Why Financial Education is Needed


  • Over 60% of the world is financially illiterate
  • On average, women are among the lowest demographics with financial literacy
  • The young is one of the most vulnerable groups and an important target for financial education programs.

The lack of financial education acts as a barrier to inclusion. When people lack knowledge of finance and financial products, they are less likely able to access banking and financial services and are put at a disadvantage.

According to UNICEF, early childhood development has a profound impact on a child's future. When given the right environment, children can develop the skills needed to embrace the opportunity and bounce back from adversity. FinMango agrees. We focus on providing a positive environment while teaching. Our symbol of the mango is a perfect example. We want students to learn or to take what they have and grow it into something beautiful and sustainable, just like growing a mango tree!

      Money Cycle + Tennis in Uganda!

      Our field partner "Tennis For All Uganda" has successfully implemented the first lesson of our Financial Enlightenment program. In our collaboration, we're combining tennis with financial education. We're excited to continue the program while incorporating tennis! 

      Mango Brandyn Published a Book!

      Congratulations on the publication of your book Mango Brandyn! Order “Early Money: A Guide to Financial Independence For College Students” today on Amazon!


      Early Money is designed to equip readers with the necessary tools to be successful on their journey to creating wealth and eventually becoming financially independent. Most books covering this topic are written by individuals far past their college years so their content often lacks applicability to younger readers. As a college student himself, Brandyn wrote Early Money specifically with college students in mind. The scenarios portrayed on these pages are realistic situations which many students will face during their college years. The technical aspects of becoming financially independent are presented in simple, easy-to-understand manner with the goal of making financial literacy and independence possible for all readers.

      Mango Bob wins "MAN OF THE YEAR" by JOG!

      Congratulations on leading the way, Mango Bob (Robert Gillingham II). The “MAN OF THE YEAR” award winner by Jobs for Ohio's Graduates

      FinMango in San Francisco

      This past week FinMango was invited to San Francisco to congratulate the third cohort of the Center For Financial Services Innovation’s FinLab. The team was able to meet the creators of FinTech aimed to revolutionize the way people interact with their finances and experience new creative solutions to everyday financial issues.

      “The Financial Solutions Lab is managed by the Center for Financial Services Innovation with founding partner JPMorgan Chase & Co. The Financial Solutions Lab is a program that seeks to identify, test and brings to scale promising innovations that help Americans increase savings, improve credit, and build assets.” - https://cfsinnovation.org/

      Eight companies went through a program that helped to connect and grow their product with consumers and industry leaders. This year the mission was to target at-risk populations--or people who suffer from exclusion because of their financial situations. This issue has been the cornerstone to the mission of FinMango, and we could not have been more excited to hear from these eight companies on how they approached the issue of financial exclusion. Companies included:

      • Token Transit, a company aimed to fight financial exclusion through an easily accessible bus pass purchasing application from their prepaid, debit, or credit card;
      • Nova, a company that acknowledges the obstacles of immigrants building credit in the U.S. by helping share their credit history in their past country to help establish credit history;
      • Dave.com, a company that is on a mission to save you from paying overdraft fees by helping you to monitor your expenses as they come and allowing you to borrow from your next paycheck to avoid overdraft fees;
      • Grove, a company that makes comprehensive financial advisors easy to reach through technology;
      • EverSafe, a company on a mission to stop theft or financial abuse for aging Americans by creating an alert system that ends exploiters before it goes too far;
      • Tomorrow, a company hoping to make creating a will and trust as easy as possible to save Americans from unfortunate situations through a simple mobile app;
      • Point, a company that allows Americans to use the wealth in their home without taking on new debt;
      • Blueprint Income, that takes the idea of income annuity and makes it easy for anyone of any age to look forward to their retirement.

      We heard from speakers and discussed with leaders that frontier the industries of FinTech to learn more about their stories, financial issues, creative solutions, and how we can integrate these solutions to the world around us.

      The event acted as a catalyst for the Finmango organization, giving us a new drive and direction for the future,” commented Mango Jonathan Li. We are ecstatic to bring back fresh perspectives and all that we have learned in San Francisco to push Finmango’s mission further!

      FinMango + Google!

      THANK YOU Oscar and Emilie from Google for the time and effort you took to share your thoughts and experiences with the AWESOME students at the Saint Ambrose Catholic School. You truly made a positive difference in the lives of young Mangos! 

      Setting Money Goals in Togo

      FinMango was proud to serve as a technical partner in Togo over the weekend. The Fly for Life team taught over 50 kids about the importance of saving and setting money goals. Each student was given a culturally relevant piggy bank at the conclusion of each lesson. Thanks Essodong Atana and Estelle Manou for leading the sustainable tourism trip and teaching the lesson!

      Congrats Prakash Koirala - 2017 Financial Innovation Award Winner!

      2017 Financial Innovation Award Winner (London, United Kingdom)

      FinMango is happy to congratulate our good friend and partner Prakash Koirala and his organization, FinLit Nepal! Prakash was presented as the 2017 Financial Innovation Award Winner by the London Institute of Banking and Finance! Congratulations Prakash, you did it!! Below is a letter from Prakash:

      “'We won the Financial Innovation Award 2017, presented by The London Institute of Banking & Finance and UK Finance.'

      We are one of those fortunate people in our country who goes home knowing that we make a difference in our community just by being a financial literacy educator. On behalf of Finlit Nepal Pvt. Ltd, I am greatly humbled and honored to receive this award. I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to the London Institute of Banking and Finance, UK Finance. We did not make the journey here alone. Numerous people and organization have supported me along the way. We are so grateful to all of them.

      Ladies and gentlemen, if this award stands for anything, it stands for the united spirit to eradicate financial exclusion in all of us even though it has my company name on it. I achieve because we achieve and we achieve because we meet the challenges together!

      As I accept this award on behalf of you all I would like to remind everybody that what we are doing today is planting a seed for the future. Thank you so much 😍"

      Financial Fitness Boot Camp in Nepal!

      FinMango was proud to serve as a technical supporter for the Financial Fitness boot camp organized by Finlit Nepal Pvt. Ltd and Atharva over the weekend in Nepal!

      UA Finance Day Photos

      A big thank you to The University of Akron for hosting such a fantastic event! We reached 500+ local high school students. Mango Bob taught investing and Mango Scott taught budgeting. 

      Budgeting with a Twist!

      Over the weekend, our partners at Fly for Life traveled to the rural community of Havu in Togo to teach "Budgeting with a Twist" lesson for 14 members of the farmers cooperative. This lesson was on budgeting for alcohol, as this will help them become aware of how much money they can save if they reduce their alcohol consumption. The farmers now have a sheet where they can fill out how much has been spent on alcohol which will be shared with the family so they can all be aware. Next week these lessons will be continued and they will learn about wise spending!

      FinMango Taught at the University of Akron Finance Day!

      Mango Bob and Scott both presented at the University of Akron Finance Day on October 31st! Bob Spoke on Investing and Scott spoke about budgeting. 

      The event hosted 500+ high school students from Firestone and Buchtel and included financial professionals from FinMango, Gillingham Ford, Cleveland Clinic, Hudson Financial Advisors, McDonald Partners, SS&G Wealth Management, and Westfield Bank. Photos are coming soon!

      Women's Responsibility Lesson in Havu, Togo

      Thank you to Estelle and our partner Fly for Life who just traveled to Havu, Togo to teach a women’s financial responsibility and budgeting program! This will help them improve and stabilize the women’s cooperative!

      Women's Financial Responsibility Lesson Prep

      This week, our partners at Fly For Life will be teaching a FinMango program to the women of Havu, Togo. This lesson will specifically be about financial responsibility and will be explaining the importance of saving and spending wisely. Ryou Nagai (Founder of GMP International) from Japan lead the conversation.