FinMango + Google!

THANK YOU Oscar and Emilie from Google for the time and effort you took to share your thoughts and experiences with the AWESOME students at the Saint Ambrose Catholic School. You truly made a positive difference in the lives of young Mangos! 

Setting Money Goals in Togo

FinMango was proud to serve as a technical partner in Togo over the weekend. The Fly for Life team taught over 50 kids about the importance of saving and setting money goals. Each student was given a culturally relevant piggy bank at the conclusion of each lesson. Thanks Essodong Atana and Estelle Manou for leading the sustainable tourism trip and teaching the lesson!

Congrats Prakash Koirala - 2017 Financial Innovation Award Winner!

2017 Financial Innovation Award Winner (London, United Kingdom)

FinMango is happy to congratulate our good friend and partner Prakash Koirala and his organization, FinLit Nepal! Prakash was presented as the 2017 Financial Innovation Award Winner by the London Institute of Banking and Finance! Congratulations Prakash, you did it!! Below is a letter from Prakash:

“'We won the Financial Innovation Award 2017, presented by The London Institute of Banking & Finance and UK Finance.'

We are one of those fortunate people in our country who goes home knowing that we make a difference in our community just by being a financial literacy educator. On behalf of Finlit Nepal Pvt. Ltd, I am greatly humbled and honored to receive this award. I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to the London Institute of Banking and Finance, UK Finance. We did not make the journey here alone. Numerous people and organization have supported me along the way. We are so grateful to all of them.

Ladies and gentlemen, if this award stands for anything, it stands for the united spirit to eradicate financial exclusion in all of us even though it has my company name on it. I achieve because we achieve and we achieve because we meet the challenges together!

As I accept this award on behalf of you all I would like to remind everybody that what we are doing today is planting a seed for the future. Thank you so much 😍"

Financial Fitness Boot Camp in Nepal!

FinMango was proud to serve as a technical supporter for the Financial Fitness boot camp organized by Finlit Nepal Pvt. Ltd and Atharva over the weekend in Nepal!

UA Finance Day Photos

A big thank you to The University of Akron for hosting such a fantastic event! We reached 500+ local high school students. Mango Bob taught investing and Mango Scott taught budgeting. 

Budgeting with a Twist!

Over the weekend, our partners at Fly for Life traveled to the rural community of Havu in Togo to teach "Budgeting with a Twist" lesson for 14 members of the farmers cooperative. This lesson was on budgeting for alcohol, as this will help them become aware of how much money they can save if they reduce their alcohol consumption. The farmers now have a sheet where they can fill out how much has been spent on alcohol which will be shared with the family so they can all be aware. Next week these lessons will be continued and they will learn about wise spending!

FinMango Taught at the University of Akron Finance Day!

Mango Bob and Scott both presented at the University of Akron Finance Day on October 31st! Bob Spoke on Investing and Scott spoke about budgeting. 

The event hosted 500+ high school students from Firestone and Buchtel and included financial professionals from FinMango, Gillingham Ford, Cleveland Clinic, Hudson Financial Advisors, McDonald Partners, SS&G Wealth Management, and Westfield Bank. Photos are coming soon!

Women's Responsibility Lesson in Havu, Togo

Thank you to Estelle and our partner Fly for Life who just traveled to Havu, Togo to teach a women’s financial responsibility and budgeting program! This will help them improve and stabilize the women’s cooperative!

Women's Financial Responsibility Lesson Prep

This week, our partners at Fly For Life will be teaching a FinMango program to the women of Havu, Togo. This lesson will specifically be about financial responsibility and will be explaining the importance of saving and spending wisely. Ryou Nagai (Founder of GMP International) from Japan lead the conversation. 

FinMango at Harvard University

Mangos Scott and Brandyn were ecstatic to have the opportunity to discuss Financial Literacy and Inclusion with the brightest mind in the field and at the BEST University in the world: Harvard! The team also had the opportunity to meet Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft and the current owner of the LA Clippers.

The Money Cycle in Havu, Togo!

Huge shoutout to our partners Fly For Life! They taught the money cycle to the kids of the Havu Community in a local home! They never fail to teach the kids in a fun environment! Make it, save it, plant it, spend it, donate it! 😎 •

FinMango Taught the Money Cycle in Togo!

Last Friday our partners Fly for Life in Togo traveled to the Tohoun community! They went on a mission to replicate our Money Cycle lesson to the kids of Tohoun, and with no doubt, they succeeded! Amazing work teaching financial literacy!

FinMango Taught at the JRC!

Recently, the FinMango team went to the JRC Learning Center to spread some knowledge. 

For the first time, the team taught the kids how to play FinBall, a basketball based game that teaches basic finance lessons. It was a great success!

In post-lesson quizzes, the kids showed they learned well, scoring almost 100%!!

Introducing the FinMango MONEY LOOP!


Before entering the money loop, we emphasize the importance of earning money. Without making it, you can’t save, plant, spend or donate it. 


There are times when we’ll run out of money when we need it most. Other times, we’ll want something expensive that we just don’t have enough for. That’s why it’s important to teach our kids to set aside money that they don’t spend right away.  


After saving your money, it's important to MANAGE & GROW your money! We teach the kids to set goals for what they want to save for and how much they want to save. Keep track of how much they’re putting away, and watch their money grow. With patience and willpower, kids are surprised by how much money they can put away. And when they do, they feel good knowing that they’ll always have some for when they really need it.


Books, toys, games, ice cream? It’s easy to spend. So we make sure the kids understand the importance to keep track of how much they spend and how much they have left. We can’t buy everything, so we teach them to spend their money wisely and on things that they really want and need. 


There are so many fun things for us to spend our money on that we might want to use it all on ourselves. But one of the greatest ways to spend our money is to share it with others. Whether it’s a gift for mom or giving to people that need help, we make sure the kids know that they can use their money to bring happiness and comfort to others. Just like sharing a toy or food with a friend, being generous with our money helps us connect to the people around us and let them know we care. 

Mango Warriors!

FinMango team takes on Warrior Dash - super fun team building exercise!

Update from Togo! #FinMango

Update from our partner in Togo! The surveying trip was great and officially launched the first step in our Women's & Farmer's Empowerment Programs in the rural village of Havu.

An interesting story from Jeremies (Executive Director of Fly For Life):

"We had to stop 2 hours at least when we were 50 km from Havu. Our car broke. Our transmission (not sure it's name in English) broke down. We were lucky because today is Sunday and it's difficult to get a repairer as they don't work. But 2 years ago with some volunteers Fly for Life project brought some used sport equipments to the school of the village in which we are actually called Amouspukpe. Many people recognized me. i was amazed by the great solidarity show by the people. They went away 20 km to bring the repairer. We got it fixed and we are on road again

That is why I love this volunteer job. It's always important not to give up no matter the situation that occur. I can't wait to see smiles on people s face in Havu as they are waiting for us. "

FinMango Kayak Meeting!

KAYAK MEETING- FinMango met on paddleboards and kayaks over the weekend! Fun, productive, and conducive for some creative thought.