Hector Garcia, Maci Woyat, Peyton Zachrich, Farah Holozadah, Aditya Maitra


TJ Harrod, Maci Woyat,


Jenny Wang, Scott Glasgow, Steffan Dwarkasingh


Aditya Maitra, Brandyn Neal, Steffan Dwarkasingh, Aditya Maitra


Maci Woyat, Soham Patel, Taylor Fair


TJ Harrod, Soham Patel, Jon Li


Steffan Dwarkasingh, Jenny Wang, Scott Glasgow


Jon Li, Aditya Maitra, Farah Holozadah


Jon Li, Jeff Jensen


Soham Patel, Maci Woyat, Jon Li,

Partnership Process:

  1. Non-profits, NGOs, or government agencies inquire for field partnership:
    • International Team conducts a discovery meeting (video or phone chat)
    • The team sends the FinMango Pitch Deck and conduct additional screening questions.
  2. The entity goes through approval process:
    • The Partnerships Team reviews prospective organizations.
      • Approved, Denied, or reevaluated with additional screening questions. 
  3. Program Development Period:
    • Curriculum team evaluates the newly approved organization. 
    • Plan and organize the curriculum package with any needed adaptations and tweaks.
  4. Memorandum of Understanding:
    • Compliance team writes up the partnership letter and a MoU Agreement.
    • Both organizations mutually commit and officially partner. 
  5. Program Implementation:
    • Analysis team creates pre-surveys, post-surveys, and staff evaluations
    • Analysis committee provides procedures for partners to effectively measure the results
  6. Quarterly Review:
    • Programs are evaluated quarterly by the evaluation team.