India Branch.

We believe that all lives have equal value, and that by working together we can help reduce inequality and poverty. We are working to improve the lives of more than a billion people in India by addressing challenges related to education and access to financial services.

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October 2018

Finvest touches base with various aspects of Finance. It focuses on the need for financial literacy, how investments & fixed deposits works, and finally how to build a proper equity account. There will be various activities within the event with a Q&A round to answer any questions participants may have.

India Team. 

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Harish Sharma

Executive Director

Harish is a biomedical engineer from the Vellore Institute of Technology, who is incredibly passionate about financial services. He currently works at a Chennai-based brokerage firm in the equity research department. His passion for teaching lead him to spark the FinMango cause in India. He believes promoting financial literacy is of paramount importance in India, especially among young adults.

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Vishal Ramesh


Vishal is a computer science engineer from the Vellore Institute of Technology, who is interested in football, cooking, and standup comedy. Vishal is ecstatic to join an organization that aims to reduce financial exclusion around the world. He hopes to achieve his goal of promoting financial literacy by using humor as a medium.

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Gautham Kannan


Gautham is an electronics engineer from PES University, who works as a management consultant in Bengaluru. Specifically, he helps his clients (F500 companies) perfect their innovation charter and helps design start-up collaboration strategies. His strong interest in teaching and finance lead him to join the FinMango team in India