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A targeted program that champions the entrepreneurial spirit of youth. The program focuses on education, entrepreneurship, and microfinance.

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All selected participants receive a 0% loan to start the business and mentorship as they implement. All money paid back gets recycled into future Fincubators.


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A 14-month program broken up into education, application, implementation and review sections. The implementation portion takes the majority of the year and runs as an iterative process where ideas and feedback from mentors are continuously cycled as the businesses form and grow.


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Process Monitoring: Focus on reporting rates, repayment rates, and profit rates.

Impact Evaluation: In our Uganda Beta Test, we’re educating 1000 students and selecting 30 to participate from a psychometric application. The 30 students selected will be the treatment group and will be randomly compared to 30 students not selected - comparison group [RCT Test].

Counterfactual: Randomly picking students in the comparison group guarantees students in the treatment group are expected to be comparable to participants in the comparison group.

Phase-in Comparison: Any differences capture causal impact of program.


Fern Morrison

Project Lead:


Field Partner

I Profile Foundation

Kampala, Uganda

  Click to shop .   *Each shirt = $10 for the      Fincubator

Click to shop. *Each shirt = $10 for the Fincubator