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A targeted program that champions the entrepreneurial spirit of kids in developing countries. The program focuses on education, entrepreneurship, and microfinancing.

Step 1:


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The Money Cycle

Make it, save it, plant it, spend it, and donate it.


Investigate the characteristics of an entrepreneur.

The Business Plan

Learn how to creatively develop a constructive business plan.

How To Budget

Recognize the impacts that small purchases have on future wealth. 

Interest & Loans

Explore the ins and outs of interest and loans, emphasizing the repayment of loans.

Step 2:


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Business Plan Presentation

Each participant presents their business idea via video. 


Local entrepreneurs act as mentors by consulting and helping the kids plan, organize, and market their product to make money. 


We fund each project with a 0% microfinance loan. 

All money paid back gets recycled into future incubator programs. 

Step 3:


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Measured Progress:

We track progress by creating an analysis report for every project we complete. This report will analyze pre-program and post-program surveys, staff evaluations, and other variables. 

Successful alumni of the incubator will be invited back as mentors and speakers.

Beta Test Coming Soon. Stay Tuned For Future Details!

Questions? Ask The Project Lead:


Fern Morrison

Fern is a Chemical Engineering Senior at Bucknell University. In 2017, she interned for a solar start up in the Netherlands. Although she started out on the chemistry research team, she did some work with the business development team. There, her interest in finance was sparked and she continued to take classes and conduct financial research when she returned to Bucknell. Recently, she worked as a summer investment banking analyst in New York City. Contact: