Empowerment through FInance

Eliminating financial illiteracy from the planet while generating financial inclusion, especially for those in underdeveloped areas around the world.



"I saw some children so happy and motivated to save money at the end of the session. I saw some teachers saying they regret they didn't have such programs when they were students. Then I understood financial education is what our society needs right now."


- Jeremies Pimizi

Founder - Fly For Life (Republic of Togo)


"Watching children learn and understand how they can use money to meet their responsibilities, save, and donate is something we don’t see often in the financial literacy world. This curriculum can teach people at any age."


- Tom Thompson

Executive Director at JRC

Our students benefit greatly from such real-world, insightful, and applicable experiences.
— Vincenzo Ruggiero | Principal at Berea-Midpark High School