Global Programs

Addressing economic inequality with programs that target financial inclusion and entrepreneurship


Financial Education

Providing financial literacy to youth gives them one very large advantage: time value of money. Teaching financial literacy to someone earning their first paycheck aids in the development of budgeting, investing and decision-making skills.

In addition to our youth program, we have excellent programs for kids, women, and farmers. Contact us:



Youth unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing our global economy with 73 million young people between the ages of 16 and 24 unemployed.

Of greater concern is the share and number of young people, often in emerging and developing countries, who live in extreme or moderate poverty despite having a job. In fact, 156 million or 37.7 per cent of working youth are in extreme or moderate poverty

Our programs champion the entrepreneurial spirit in youth. Contact us to learn more:


Train the Trainers

Empowering lives looks different in each country. Resources, culture, and population all play a part in determining what program is required to serve people well, but there’s a solution to everything.

We deliver effective, engaging, and purposeful in-person (or virtual) training programs for trainers, teachers, and staff.

All training sessions come with a step-by-step guide for successful implementation and evaluation. Our goal is to empower the teacher, trainer, and staff with all of the confidence they need.

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