Our supporters have done some pretty amazing things to raise money for creating opportunities. And they’re thinking of new things to do every day. What will you do?


Co-Brand with us!

Gram’s Eatery owner, Jesse, in Lewisburg, PA created a fresh, gourmet, all-natural mango habanero hot sauce. 100% of the profits go to us. Read about it: “A Spicy Nonprofit Story: Creating a Hot Sauce


Fundraise on Facebook!

Marilyn Prince Petty Riotto from New York asked friends and family to donate $200 to FinMango in honor of her birthday. She raised $302 and directly kickstarted our flagship “incubator” program in developing countries.


You can do anything to raise money!

KimAldrin and Christine Pastor made a donation to FinMango in lieu of favors for their wedding.