A targeted program that champions the entrepreneurial spirit of youth.

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A 10-month program that not only fosters entrepreneurship but is committed to providing program participants with long-term support for their enterprises and micro businesses.


Phase I

Education phase that covers topics related to financial literacy and social entrepreneurship to a large group of participants. Students learn to evaluate the market, create a business model and pitch a business plan. The students aptitude and commitment to the program will be continually assessed during this phase. At the end of phase one, students will apply as teams to enter phase two.


Phase II

30 participants: Two teams of 5 for each school. Determination based on their psychometric application, strength of pitch, personal buy-in, Innovation, and chances of ROI. Selected teams go through more specialized training on the banking system through our partnership with Finance Trust Bank and also from mentors on teamwork and business plan development.

Teams choose a name for the business and get a bank account through Finance Trust Bank. Participants do a second pitch as a team to get the 0% interest $500 loan from FinMango.


Phase III

Program is implemented through a guided structure and continuously refined.

Our commitment for all participants is forever.


Real-time updates by FinMango and I Profile Foundation

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