Combating Poverty Worldwide


Education plays a vital role in creating a better future for all. It helps prevent the poor from being exploited, provides hope for a better life, and offers the individuals the opportunity to take charge of their life by acting as advocates for economic change within their community! We cover a wide range of topics related to financial literacy and social entrepreneurship.  


30 participants get selected (two teams of 5 for each school).

Determination based on their psychometric application, strength of pitch, personal buy-in, Innovation, and chances of ROI. Selected teams go through more specialized training on the banking system through our partnership with Finance Trust Bank and also from mentors on teamwork and business plan development.

Teams choose a name for the business and get a bank account through Finance Trust Bank. Participants do a second pitch as a team to get the 0% interest $500 loan from FinMango.


Having measured results is important to us. One of the ways we track progress is by creating an impact report for every project we complete. This report will analyze pre-program and post-program surveys, staff evaluations, and other variables. The final report will highlight the rate of return, the success (or failures) of the entrepreneurs, and stories of their journey (pictures & videos). 

All money paid back gets recycled into future fincubators.