Education plays a vital role in creating a better future for all. For instance, education helps prevent the poor from being exploited, provides hope for a better life, and offers the individuals the opportunity to take charge of their life by acting as advocates for economic change within their community! Educating our global population is an investment for our future! 

According to UNESCO, 61 million children of primary school age are not in school. In addition, there are still 758 million illiterate adults worldwide, most of whom are women. Yet, a child whose mother can read is 50 percent more likely to live past age five.

Why Financial Education is needed

The Standard & Poor's Global Financial Literacy Survey found:

  • Low levels of financial literacy around the world
  • Numeracy and inflation are the most understood concepts
  • Risk diversification is the least understood concept
  • Women’s financial literacy levels are lower than men’s
  • The young are a vulnerable group and an important target for financial education programs

Overall, Financial literacy is truly a global problem as it acts as a barrier to financial inclusion. Because of the lack of knowledge about finance and financial products, many people are unable to access banking and financial services, and are therefore put at a disadvantage. This is why FinMango exists, to financially empower and educate lives for a better future. 

Early Childhood Education

According to UNICEF, early childhood development has a profound impact on a child's future. It's the foundation of a full and productive life for a child. In fact, when given the environment, children develop the skills needed to embrace opportunity and bounce back from adversity. Recognizing this importance, FinMango focuses on providing a positive environment while teaching financial literacy. We use the sustainability, beauty, and popularity as a symbol of our exciting, non-traditional, fun and positive methods of teaching.

What We Do

Understanding the importance is why we do what we do... We know first-hand the power of money, the importance of knowing how it works, and how teaching it needs to adapt to the different ages/cultures found around the world. As a result, we custom make our lessons from scratch for our partners. From more traditional, yet interactive programs, to innovative and extremely interactive programs... we build our programs based on the needs of who we're helping.  

At the end of a program, students are able to (at a minimum):

  • Identify what money is
  • Understand the difference between wants and needs
  • Learn the importance of making and saving money
  • Learn the basics of investments and its compounding effect
  • Learn that spending responsibly and watchfully is perfectly alright
  • Learn that being generous with our money (that we save and grow) helps us connect to the people around us and let them know we care.

Overall, teaching our kids to be financially savvy is a gift – one that will keep on giving throughout their lives. Let’s make a difference together and empower the next generation!

Sample Lesson