When you donate, every dollar goes directly to those in need. We fund our operating costs, so 100% of your money can go to projects.

Not everybody’s going to be an entrepreneur, but everybody should be financially literate. Financial literacy is a base requirement like spelling or reading or something of the sort that everybody should acquire at any early age. The financial habits you develop when you are young are going to go with you into your adulthood. But you can’t be an entrepreneur unless you’re financially literate.
— Warren Buffet

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We take seriously our commitment to carry out our projects in ways that are responsible and sustainable.  We tackle and solve the long-term economic issues of poverty. 

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We partner with local organizations around the world that we teach to provide long-lasting FinMango inspired Financial Education programs. 


We prove and monitor the projects you fund with lot's of pictures, videos, and GPS coordinates to ensure FinMango Financial Education is being implemented.