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Program Demographics:

103 Girls (ages 11-14) 


Schools Ciudad de los Niños is located in municipality Guadalupe, although the students are from further communities.

Access to technology:

High access to technology.

Average income in the communities:

Low Income in Mexico. Average household income is $600 USD/month.

Education Levels:

Ciudad de los Niños is a School were students get intro high school and they also have the opportunity to make a technical career in Nursing & Physical Rehabilitation; although 90% of their students, after technical career, go to University.

Program Ideas/Miscellaneous:

Inverkids together with Bulls & Bears and ConCiencia Financiera organized the pilot program of "Investing in the future" in where students from Tecnológico de Monterrey from Finance Administration School could volunteer to teach young 103 middle school girls about the basic concepts of financial literacy, the Money Cycle.  Throughout 5 sessions students will learn in their 2.5 hours class: 

  • Income, need & wants, saving

  • Expenses & budgeting

  • Investment options & entrepreneurship 

  • Donation & charities

  • Closing class (activities for intelligent decision making) and their graduation ceremony (March 27th, 2019)

Distance to nearest city:

  • San Bernabe to Guadalupe - 20 kilometer (60 minutes in public transport)

  • Apodaca to Guadalupe - 17 kilometers (45 minutes in public transport)

  • Pesquería to Guadalupe - 30 kilometers (75 minutes in public transport)

  • Juarez to Guadalupe - 23 kilometers (65 minutes in public transport)


Mariana Garza Villalobos


Bio coming soon.