Access to technology:

Access is available in the nearest cities. However, in the villages, access to internet is very low. “They have particular places they stand to make calls or receive”

Education Levels:

Education levels low among most adults targeted. Education levels for youth are moderate.

  • Most adult women can’t read or write. Will be taught in oral trainings (local languages).

  • Targeted youth currently attending Junior/Senior High Schools. Oral/Written trainings.




Johnson is a vocational trainer, social entrepreneur coach, and community mobilizer from Ghana. He has multicultural skills and believes strongly in the power of education. He specializes on leadership and financial literacy training as an avenue in alleviating poverty.

Johnson is an experienced trainer, having worked for many large organizations such as Helping Heart Africa Foundation, FIGA International, EHBC & CRCC Missions in Africa, YoungLife Ghana, and the YMCA (Ghana) to name a few. Currently he is the Assistance Director/Ambassador at Hopeprint in Africa and is a Peace Ambassador for the Great Lakes Peace Center. His commitment to improving the lives of others is evident in his daily work and he is excited to join such an amazing organization utilizing education and social intervention programs to help others.

Johnson is a Certified Information System Auditor and holds a Bachelors in Science in Accounting with Information Systems.