Empowerment through FInance

FinMango is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on a mission to empower & educate lives with innovative financial education solutions.



"I saw some children so happy and motivated to save money at the end of the session. I saw some teachers saying they regret they didn't have such programs when they were students. Then I understood financial education is what our society needs right now."


- Jeremies Pimizi

Founder - Fly For Life


"The last minute speaker switch turned out to be one of best things that could have happened as there was no shortage of positive comments on [FinMango’s] interactive Budgeting session. We look forward to working with Scott and the rest of FinMango again as we grow Finance Day at UA!"


- Shelby Amatangelo

Co-Founder - Finance Day at the University of Akron

Teaching our kids to be financially savvy is a gift – one that will keep on giving throughout their lives!

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