Executive Board Mangos 😎


Oscar Wahltinez

(EXECUTIVE Board Mango)

Oscar is a partner engineer at Google. He recently obtained a master's of science in computer vision and machine learning, and strongly believes in the value of bringing technology and education to everyone as the main source of empowerment for the present as well as the future.



Francesco DiGiannantonio “fd” builds bridges from one place to a better place! He is passionate about making life better… for all!  fd is a graduate of John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH and has Master’s Degrees in International Political Economy & Development & Public Policy & Administration from Fordham & Columbia Universities in New York City. He worked for NGO, Non-for-Profits, Private, Public, Small & Large, Mature & Start-ups… Organizations of All sizes & types.  Since leaving a large metals company in July 2013 as CFO, he has worked for several varied organizations on Consulting or Interim CFO/Executive roles... fd led Finance Transformations for two Large Global Manufacturing Organizations that resulted in significant creation of Shareholder & Stakeholder Value.  He has held positions of increasing responsibility with multiple globally recognized organizations and is trained as a GE Six Sigma Quality Black Belt with a  Passion for “Customer” Facing Success!  He is married with 4 Children & 2 dogs!  

Bob Gillingham

(EXECUTIVE Board Mango)

Bob has a passion to give back to the Community that has been so good to him and his family. He's the owner of Gillingham Ford and has been teaching financial literacy for over 40 years. Last year he was able to teach over 800 primarily high school students in 10 different high schools.