Cassava Flour (How It's Made)

FinMango supported a $600 microfinance loan (through Fly For Life) to a woman’s cooperative in rural Togo. The loan was recently disbursed and the women have started creating their product, cassava flour (aka Gari). Check out the step-by-step process in creating the cassava flour below:

Step 1: Walking to the farm

Step 2: Harvesting the Cassava

Step 3: Pealing the Cassava

Step 4: Washing the Cassava

Step 5: Taken to the Machine

Step 6: Taken to the drying station

Step 7: Dried using a traditional method

Step 8: Put on a sieve to get the flour properly cooked

Step 9: Put it on fire until it become completely dry

Step 10: The Gari is packaged and sold to houses and restaurants across the region

Scott Glasgow