Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ambassador for the FinMango organization! This document will serve as your starting point for all the tools and information that you need.


We are quirky, apolitical and laid back; but at the same time hard-working, dependable and result-driven. We believe in education as one of most powerful tools mankind has, and we are strong followers of the concept of teaching an individual to fish. Our goal is to empower, educate, and help eradicate poverty through the use of financial literacy.

As an ambassador, you are entrusted to represent the FinMango organization and you are expected to uphold our values:

  • We are inclusive and apolitical.  FinMango does not cater to a specific political ideology, religion or any other discriminating affiliation.  Financial education should be available to all equally.

  • We believe in education and sustainable solutions.  We take seriously our commitment to carry out our projects in ways that are responsible and sustainable.  FinMango tackles the fundamental economic problem around financial literacy, solving the long-term issue.

  • We promote self-empowerment.  FinMango helps people to realize their own potential, take initiative, and discover their ability to influence the world around them.

  • We follow the agile methodology.  We fail fast, we fail often, and we continuously measure the outcomes.  As a result, FinMango improves quickly!


Ambassadors will represent a cross section of business and academic professionals relevant to the FinMango mission and vision. Diverse perspectives and experiences based on veteran status, gender, race, ethnicity, geographic location, age, and other related qualities will be an important aspect in the selection process. Prospective ambassadors in the future will be identified by existing ambassadors. The suggested number of ambassadors is 5 to 9 people starting out.

The essential requirements for being an ambassador are the following:

  • Passion for our mission

  • Experience with financial literacy.

  • Non-profit experience.

  • Willingness to promote the FinMango organization.


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Aisha Ali

Aisha is a Certified Financial Literacy Trainer (Central Bank of Uganda) and the Founder of the I Profile Foundation, a non-profit organization in Uganda that seeks to run long term annual projects with primary schools and refugee youth as well as children to promote integration and conflict skills with emphasis on leadership and financial literacy.

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Prakash Koirala

Prakash was the Global Award Winner in Youth Financial Education in 2015. Since 2012, he has taught more than 40,000 youth about financial education. From 2014, Prakash earned different fellowships from Geneva University Excellency Fellowship, Master Card Foundation, and World Bank Institute.