FinMango is on a mission to eliminate financial illiteracy from the planet.

We use the beauty of mangos as a symbol of our positive method in creating financial inclusion

Approximately 5 BILLION people on the planet are NOT financially literate. That’s 2 in 3 people.

That’s a huge number. In fact, it’s over 15 times the number of people who live in the United States. This lack in financial literacy acts as a critical barrier to financial inclusion, and although progress has been made in the expansion of financial inclusion; there’s still 2 BILLION adults worldwide that lack access to basic financial services. The financial literacy crisis is very real, happening now, and people urgently need our help.

This is why FinMango was created, with the mission to create an energetic, optimistic, and financially empowered planet by providing children access to education. Our goal is to eliminate financial illiteracy from the planet.

Now, make the decision to help. We’re not offering grand solutions to the vicious cycle of poverty, but instead, simple things that make life better. Learn how you can take action and make a difference today. Take Action →